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This month issue of e-news will focus on the architects and designers that make up the firm, it is this category of personnel that exemplify the distinct corporate culture of VERITAS. Starting with the Principal and Associates, this feature will extend to the architects, architectural assistants and designers that represent the creative energy of the group. These are also the front line client service representatives who manage the day-to-day affairs of our projects. We hope you enjoy reading it and should you have any queries, please contact us for further information.


  David Mizan Hashim


Since founding VERITAS in 1987, David Hashim has been the firm's leadership inspiration. Today, he continues as the Chief Executive Officer of the group and principal on key projects in VERITAS Architects.  David believes in truly listening to Clients and responding to their particular needs.   He has contributed to the design vision for many of VERITAS’ most prominent projects and has led several award-winning interior design and architecture projects by VERITAS.

His success comes from an energy that he brings to the design process, communication skills, stringent control of budget and schedule and understanding the client’s objectives.  David was trained at MIT and Harvard and believes in combining entrepreneurial innovation with design excellence.  He is a frequent speaker at both design and business forums in Malaysia and abroad. 

Ing Centre for Performance Development

“ The only truth is in reason ”



Lillian Tay Wai Fun


Since being a principal of VERITAS in 1995, Lillian Tay has been at the helm of the design and implementation of many of the firm’s most challenging and prestigious projects.  Her creative design leadership has resulted in many award winning projects for VERITAS and the building up of a strong team of designers at VERITAS.  She is currently the Chief Operating Officer of VERITAS charged with developing best practices to achieve VERITAS’ aspiration to deliver international standards of design and service.

Lillian also spends time in architecture education as an external examiner and design critic at the local universities besides frequently speaking and writing on architecture issues in Malaysia.   Lillian was trained as both an engineer and architect at Princeton University.

Putrajaya Transportation Terminal

“ All respect comes from persisting to completion ”



Shamsuddin Wahap

Sham is the Chief Operating Officer of VERITAS INTERIORS SDN BHD established in 1993, together with David Mizan Hashim, as part of the VERITAS Group of Companies. Trained in architecture from the Architectural Association  (London), Sham’s career began as an architect in London. His exposure to interior design spurred his interest to focus on interiors upon his return to Malaysia in 1989. 


Sham has been instrumental in the development of interior design services at VERITAS and has received numerous awards from both local and international organizations.


Mas Golden Lounge

“ Leaders don't create followers, they create more leaders”





Azif Md Nasaruddin

As Chief Administrative Officer (CAO), Azif strives to steer the Administrative and Human Resource departments towards greater efficiency and productivity via the adoption of IT-based solutions.

He received his Bachelor of Arts (Architecture) from the University of California, Berkeley. His extensive design experience, encompassing a diverse range of building types, together with his international exposure, ensures his role in VERITAS’ regional projects in Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Dubai.


“ Imagination defines reality ”




Lew Hon Kwan

As a Senior Associate, Lew has been with VERITAS Architects since 1992. He has more than 17 years of experience in the architecture profession. As Chief Financial Officer,  Lew oversees all the financial aspects of the firm. His   experience spans corporate, residential,  and commercial projects.



Vision City

“ Life is precious and short, enjoy when you can, suffer where you must ”




Zainudin Abdul Razak


Zainudin Razak directs the Human Resource Management of VERITAS Architects besides being an Associate of the firm. He has achieved a sterling reputation with clients and within the profession for creativity and commitment through superlative client service.   Zainudin started his training at ITM and continued to study architecture in UK where he worked for many years.  Having gained valuable experience in the project management of high profile mega-projects prior to joining VERITAS in 1999, he combines both design and management skills and has led a noteworthy portfolio of local, regional and international projects.  In his free time, Zainudin finds creative inspiration from collecting art, music and gardening.

UTP Mosque

“ Integrity is doing the right thing even if nobody is watching”



Ng Yiek Seng


Ng Yiek Seng joined VERITAS in 1997 and has been an Associate of VERITAS Architects since 2002. Having been involved in most of our major transportation projects,  Ng is now known as our technical wiz and specialist for rail transportation and leads our team on the KTMB double tracking project.   Recently he and Azif Nasarudin have been spearheading VERITAS’ training and preparation for ISO 9001 certification.   With a head for facts and figures, he is a member of MENSA.   Ng studied architecture at the University of Sheffield, UK under a Malaysian Government scholarship from the JPA.

Rawang-Ipoh KTMB Train Stations

“ At the edge of chaos & order lies creation”





Chew Tick Wah

Chew Tick Wah joined VERITAS in 1999 and was appointed Design Associate for VERITAS Architects this year in recognition of his outstanding contribution to many of VERITAS’ award winning projects.  Chew was a JPA scholar and studied architecture at University of Sheffield and the Bartlett School of Architecture, UK where he received many prestigious design accolades including the Sheffield Surveyors & Architects’ Award and the RIBA White Rose Award.  As the popularly-elected VERITAS Sports Club President, Chew has initiated a host of team building activities for VERITAS staff particularly outdoor sports and cultural events and is himself an avid rock climber.

Putrajaya Bus & Taxi Terminal

“ Design is born out of understanding people ”





The Architects:

Left to Right (Front to Back Row):

Zainal Ab. Aziz,

Amanda Teh,

Sumaiya Ab. Aziz,

Chee Whye Ying,

Abdul Karim Abd Rahim,

Edward Chew,

Chew Fook Kuan,

Sha’in Sreenivasan,

Tan Teik Choon,

Mohd Azmin Yacob,

Ian A.Milne,

Henry Sundram Murty,

Stephanie Maignan,

Syazaril Amzy,

Helmi Mohd Nor,

Azril Jaafar


Not Pictured: (Penang Office)

Edwin Khoo, KC Tan, Shaifulrizal


Architectural Assistants:

Claire Louise Moore, Hairul Nizar Pardi, Hasrulzaimy Ismail, John Han, Maraini Tadlid, Stephen Tajul, Suzana Ahmad Arif, Thiruchelvam Ragawan


The Interior Designers:




Award Winning Talent

We recognize that delivering the best service requires the best people, so VERITAS is committed to attracting and retaining the industry's finest professionals. Our team of architects and designers is committed to deliver only the best for our Clients. We feel strongly that no “stylistic” mandate is required to achieve this end but a fine work of architecture can be delivered through cheerful teamwork, individual initiative, creativity and


 We strive for a "humanistic" modern design featuring simplicity of detailing and a focus on space, light, structure, materials and


 a social responsibility toward the built environment.  

Our “Big Hairy Audacious Goal” is:

To be a premier architecture and design firm worldwide.







































































































































1. Staff Meeting

VERITAS held a quarterly staff meeting on 16th August at the Theatrette Hall, Menara Getah Asli. Among the topics discussed during the meeting were the Planning Pyramid, Finance Review for year 2003, ISO issues and a short filmlet presented in which positive feedback was garnered from all the staff. The meeting adjourned at 12.30pm followed by lunch at the pool-side concourse in Bangunan Getah Asli.


2. Friendly Football Match


VERITAS vs Atsa Architects

Date: 24th August 2003

Venue: Telekom, Jalan Semarak

Time: 4.30pm


Our VERITAS team efforts in training   for this upcoming match was handsomely paid off.  We won with the score of 4-2! We would like to congratulate our team members for a game well played!




We would like to wish Happy Birthday to those who are born in the month of August. They are Zainudin Ab. Razak –VERITAS Associate, Azlan Bin Maarof, Hairul Nizar Pardi, Michael Cheong, Saniah Ibrahim, Thilagalingan s/o Selladurai, Koh Sui Teck and Thomas Liew Chee Thung.




Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet. Only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, ambition inspired, and success achieved.

-Helen Keller-

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